Tornado Frankie

Tornado Frankie Arrives!

Tornado Frankie Arrives!

This is when we adopted Frankie from Southwest Airedale Terrier Rescue 11/11/05. He was an 11 month old Tornado!

Because Frankie was so out of control, Jen and Dave had to work hard on teaching him manners, which started them on their journey to many dog sports. His official name is:

Frankie The Super Dale CGC RN NW1 L1C L1I RATO

  • CGC- Canine Good Citizen
  • RN- Rally Novice
  • NW1- Nosework 1
  • L1C- Nosework Level 1 Containers
  • L1I- Nosework Level 1 Interiors
  • RATO – Barnhunt Open

He almost got a TD (Therapy Dog) title but failed the dropped hot dog test – couldn’t resist and had to snarf it up – he was supposed to ignore it – oh well!!! Everything else he did perfectly.

Frankie Smells a Rat!

Frankie Smells a Rat!

Senior Ratter Title

Senior Ratter Title

November, 2015 ..  Frankie earned 2 legs towards his Senior Ratter title, including 2 High In Trials, just shy of his 11th Birthday!

Nosework Title

November, 2015, Frankie earned a Level 1 Interiors in Nosework.

Nosework Trial

November 2013 – Nosework Trial – Frankie earned his NW1



Rally Title

June 2012 – Novice Rally Title




Air Frank

Air Frank

We also took agility lessons and I wish we could have continued with those because Frankie really enjoyed it (there is only so much time in a day!)

We tried herding and carting, but Frankie wasn’t interested.  We tried some lure coursing, but Frankie would cheat.  He figured out that he could just wait for the lure to come around!  Too smart!


Pre-competition warm up

Dave taught Frankie tricks and they won the 2011 Petsmart Petwalk: Best Trick contest (as well as the owner/pet lookalike contest).

His trick was the “Bang Bang”- where Dave “shoots” and Frankie collapses and rolls into a “dead”. He hops up onto Dave’s upright bass and surfs while Dave plays rockabilly tunes.

Rockabilly Frank

Rockabilly Frank


Frankie is affectionate and friendly to all and is so silly. This dog has a ridiculous sense of humor and makes us laugh every day.


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Pancho in Arizona – ADOPTED


Pancho 09-07-20169-7-2016 Pancho met with his wonderful new family .   It was a mutual love affair.

8/23/16 update:  Pancho just had his first day at pack socialization.  The trainer loves him.  She says that although it is obvious he has practiced fence fighting all his life and he is very vocal about it, once he’s loose with the dogs, he’s just fine.  He spent the day following her around .. even into the bathroom (typical Airedale).


Do you love Airedales, but perhaps it is not the right time in your life for a time-consuming  younger dog? Please consider giving a home to this Airedale gentleman. He is 11 years young  and other than a little arthritis in his hips, is in great shape. He is very affectionate and would love nothing more than to give and receive love.

What will you get if you adopt Pancho?

LOVE AND AFFECTION: The joy on his face every time you walk into the room can only be called unconditional love. You will never lack for snuggles with Pancho in your home! He will be forever grateful if you give him a second chance at love. Unlike a youngster, he won’t jump up on you and your friends.

COMPANIONSHIP: You’ll never feel lonely with Pancho at your side.

HEALTH: Lower stress? Check! Reduced risk of heart disease? Check! Decreased depression and anxiety? Check! Giving a home to Pancho may be your most affordable and reliable health care policy!

PROTECTION: Pancho will let you know if anyone is at the door and whoever is there will think twice before entering. Pancho will help you feel more secure and protected.

ENGAGEMENT: Your friends may be settled and your children all grown up, but a dog needs and values daily care and attention. Adopting Pancho will keep you actively involved in the life of another.

LAUGHTER: Watching Pancho toss a bone or chewy around and pounce on it will bring joy to your heart and laughter to your lips.

Pancho would love to be the only dog of someone who is home 24/7.  He should be fine with a working family as long as he gets lots of attention when you are home and the hours alone are not extreme. He uses a dog door at his foster home. He does have thunder anxiety and will try to escape if he is left outside during a storm. His foster mom wraps an Ace bandage around him, closes the blinds to the room, covers his crate with blankets, plays loud music or a television program, gives him a frozen marrow bone and sits by him until he settles down. He has been fine with this technique, but it does require that someone is going to be home if a storm comes up.

He didn’t grow up with children, but is very gentle with people, so should be fine with them. However, he is too frail to stand up to rough play and an adult home would be best.

He is choosy about his dog companions.  He might be fine with a calm older female dog about his own size, but introductions would be necessary to be sure.  He was not raised with cats, and we have no idea whether he could live with a cat.

Pancho is a tall, slim 65 lb. 11 year old neutered male. He was formerly an outdoor dog, but uses the dog door at his foster home and hasn’t made a housebreaking mistake since the first day.

We do not ship our dogs.  We would prefer to place Pancho in Tucson or Phoenix, but if you are willing to drive to Tucson, please feel free to tell your local Airedale Rescue volunteer that you are interested in Pancho and we will see if we can work things out.

Please let us know if you have any questions. Prior to adoption, you will need to fill out an
application with references (link to application above) and a home visit will need to be done.


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Puppy with Broken LegUPDATE:  Thank you to the Matson family for fostering Monty through his long recovery. The Matsons have fallen in love with Monty and have adopted him.
This poor little man was brought to a vet clinic to be euthanized after he broke his leg. The story the owners gave the clinic was that he was in his kennel run, they were feeding the horses and somehow he got so excited that he broke his leg??? Thankfully, the staff at the clinic reached out and found Southwest Airedale Terrier Rescue. Luckily, it was a fairly simple break, although a pin was required. We would love to find a quiet adult home for him to recuperate close enough to our vet in Glendale, Arizona, to take him in for checkups. He is only 14 months old, so it is going to be tough to keep him quiet …. no children, no other pets. 

Before sending an inquiry, please read the “How to Adopt” policies on our website

We place Airedales in the states of Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada and Utah.  We prefer to place the dogs locally, if possible.   We require a completed application, home visit and veterinary references.

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Curly – Arizona – ADOPTED


Here’s Curly!  He’s a big (70#) happy friendly young Airedale (estimated to be about 2.5 years old). He was purchased to be trained as a drug detection dog.  Apparently drug detection dogs will do anything for a ball and will hunt for it relentlessly.  Curly will play fetch a couple of times and then decide that some scent is more interesting.  (Wow .. sounds like the Airedales I know!)
Unfortunately, he is NOT cat friendly.
He is now neutered, up to date on all vaccinations and has been cleared of Valley Fever, tick fever and heartworm. ADOPTED

If you have an application in with us, please let us know if you are interested in Curly.  He is currently in Phoenix, Arizona.


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Stache – Utah – ADOPTED

Say Hello to Stache­­­!  He’s a 14 month old, typical Airedale puppy.  He’s got a lot of energy and a super sweet personality.  Stache is a taller Airedale but fairly lean at 65 lbs.  His likes are playing and digging in the yard, being petted and loved (oh and did I mention being petted), long walks, playing with toys, and sniffing everything he comes into contact with – he knows great adventures are out there. His dislikes are tiled floors, vacuums, thunder, being alone, and sharing his food or toys.  He is dreaming of an outdoorsy and active family where he can be the only four-legged member.  He has a tendency to vocalize everything he needs and is incredibly smart.StacheFace

Stache would do best in a home without cats, small children or elderly.  He will need a home where his people are with him a lot and give him a job to do.  He needs a great deal of patience and socialization where he does not have to compete with other dogs.  He is just learning how to be in the house and in a crate, and is learning a bunch of new things (dishwashers are scary as are bathrooms – but he figured out the bed just fine 😉  ).  He will need to go to obedience training immediately following adoption and must be exercised multiple times a day.


Stache is adjusting well to city life and seems to enjoy being in the house.  He walks through the house like he owns the place 🙂  He is no longer afraid of the different textures of flooring, although he still hates the vacuum (but what Airedale doesn’t).  He loves to play ball and run around the yard watching everything that goes by and chases leaves in that sweet puppy way.  He has such exuberance for people and is still learning to not jump up on them.   He is really sweet and once he’s gotten a lot of attention, he settles down and is happy to follow you from room to room.  He definitely prefers to be with people and gets extremely excited with other animals.   He definitely cannot be with cats or small dogs, he loves chasing everything and I’m sure would think of cats or small dogs as a great new toy.


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Reunited in Surprise, Arizona

12985573_841967382592690_1486639800936337175_n 12993535_841967449259350_64299891117558522_n


Found in Surprise, Arizona, on Nash Street near Grand and Greenway No chip, no ID.

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Buddy – Arizona – ADOPTED


BUDDY, a 3-year-old (DOB 04/10/2013), says,

I’m quite a magnificent specimen, if I do say so myself. But, looks aren’t everything! I’m not for the first time dog owner. I am also not the dog for an inpatient person as I can be quite headstrong. I respond very well to positive training, am VERY food motivated and am looking for an owner with positive reinforcement training experience. I love to play rough with dogs and people. An owner with time and patience and the energy to give me LOTS of exercise will be important for me. I also require a dog brother or sister about my size (75-80 lbs) that likes to wrestle and play tug. I will do best in a home without children, not only because I could easily knock them down, but because I really require as much attention as a couple of children. After I have had a vigorous morning of exercise, I am perfectly
content to sleep through the day, ready for an afternoon and evening of dog and human play and exercise. Without enough exercise, I will find a way to amuse myself .. perhaps by chewing up a favorite shoe or pillow or my dog bed, or maybe I’ll rip up the irrigation lines or chew up a plastic flower pot. I am also a skilled counter surfer, so you need to either have a way to guard your counters or keep them clean. I have learned to walk calmly by other dogs and horses, but rabbits and other fast-moving critters are still a challenge ,,, you must be strong enough to stand up to 80 lbs. lunging after a rabbit! I have a big bark and acute hearing and will let anyone approaching my property know that I am on guard.

Buddy really is a great dog for the right person. He loves to hike and is never far away from your side. He loves chasing bunnies, but comes right back. As long as you can meet his exercise and entertainment needs, and he has a dog friend willing to spend a couple of hours a day playing wrestle, tug and chase, he is very calm.  He can sail over a 5 foot fence with the proper incentive (critters), so a 6 foot fence is recommended and a wall would be better than a see-through fence.

He’s a strong, willful dog who is not for the beginner.   He is unresponsive to negative training…but, with treats and when the bulb goes on in his head, “Ah, THAT’S what they’re looking for,” he is happy to comply. He is spot on smart and would make an impressive, eager team mate in almost any performance venue if you had the patience and skills to motivate him. GREAT Dog!!!

Buddy is in a foster home in Tucson, Arizona.  We would LOVE to find a home for him in Tucson so he could continue is training here.

If you are interested in Buddy, please drop us a line letting us know why and describing your experience with Airedales, training, etc. Thanks!


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Arizona Gives Day – 2016

38 donors raised $2,985 — THANK YOU!!!

Arizona Gives Day

Arizona Gives Day April 5, 2016

April 5, 2016

National Airedale Rescue is accepting donations this year and 100% of funds raised through this Arizona Gives Day campaign will be designated for the expenses of Airedales rescued in Arizona.

Arizona Gives Day is a 24 hour day of online giving to Arizona registered charities. It takes place on Tuesday, April 5 and during the 24 hours of giving we not only raise donations, but we can also win up to $15,000 in cash prizes!

Donations can be made in advance of April 5, however in completing the donation process donors must leave the “charge date” as April 5, 2016.

Donations are tax deductible. A tax receipt will be emailed to you immediately. No matter how big or small, whether $10 or $1,000, when combined with other donations, you can make a positive impact and help the volunteers who help the Airedales!

Arizona Airedale Rescue volunteers rescue abused and abandoned Airedale Terriers, give them veterinary care and find them qualified, loving homes.

In order to provide this community assistance we must raise money. Every rescued Airedale receives a wellness check, is spayed or neutered, vaccinated and microchipped, but many Airedales require more extensive care. When our limited number of foster homes are full, we have to board the Airedales until a foster or forever home is found. We hope that through the Arizona Gives Day fundraiser, we can replenish our funds.

Some companies encourage participation in Arizona Gives Day and will match funds raised .. please check it out and consider becoming a fundraiser for Airedale Rescue through the link on the fundraising page.

Thank you for making a donation on behalf of Airedale Rescue.

Sweetie’s gap toothed grin — all teeth on the bottom and top worn down to the gum. Bottom incisors sheared in half. Probably from years of chewing on a wire pen. Nine teeth were removed, she was spayed, had a hernia repair, two mammary tumors removed (benign, thankfully) and brought up to date on vaccinations. She is waiting for her forever home.





Update on Belle, our little old miss surrendered at age 12.5 with raging Valley fever and long history of neglect .. Belle is doing well, and even plays a little with her three foster brothers. She definitely likes her treats. She still has house training challenges (outdoors for 12 years) but she is a sweet little girl with a lot of love still left to give.

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Bess of New Mexico – ADOPTED

Bess Sitting

Bess StandingADOPTED!

Bess .. 4 years old, 53 lbs. Report from volunteer:
Her leash manners are as perfect as they could be. She pretty much stayed at heel for most of the walk, leaving my side only to pee. She gets along with other dogs. She is one very sweet Airedale!

She is very affectionate once the initial shyness wears off. She doesn’t have a clue what to do with a toy! She has not been exposed to much–even the traffic on the road when we were walking made her very

Her coat is beautiful and very thick and coarse. The hair on her legs was so matted that I didn’t think she had much there at all, but as I combed it out I discovered she has more than I thought. She was very unsure about being groomed and it took a lot of reassurance, but she managed to get through it
pretty well.

BessShe does seem to be house trained. And she continues to be great on the leash. I think she would be fine around dogs that weren’t too boisterous, but she will hide behind me and growl softly at any high energy dog that appears to be headed in her direction. Because of her spay surgery, she is not being turned out with other dogs yet. We may try that next week.

It was very hard to get a decent photo, so it is hard to really see her. Her ears are down because she is so scared. And her tail is tucked so you can’t even see it. She does have a normal (i.e. not stubby) airedale tail. She does not have a lot of muzzle hair–don’t know if she was trimmed there or not. Tried to get a head shot. With a good trim, she’ll be very cute.Bess

Before sending an inquiry, please read the “How to Adopt” policies on our website

We place Airedales in the states of Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada and Utah.  We prefer to place the dogs locally, if possible.  Bess is currently in the Silver City, New Mexico, area.  We require a completed application, home visit and veterinary references.

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REUNITED! in Gilbert, Arizona

REUNITED with his family 🙂

Found Airedale in Gilbert, Arizona 7 March 2016 No chip no tags.





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